Unimetal the Cable Management & Support System Specialists distributor located in West Midlands,United Kingdom.We have  been serving for over 15 years. Whether it is a standard item or a special, intricately engineered fastener for your  unique  application, we will provide the part you need.We work with a diverse group of domestic and international customers to  deliver the most reliable and cost-effective products.

We maintain an extensive inventory and a broad spectrum of fastening choices. Spring Nuts, Fittings (Square Washer, 4 Hole Flat Plate, 4 Hole Flat T, Angle Bracket 2-Hole, 4 Hole angle Bracket, Post Base Single column, Post Base double Column, Post Base Single column Square, Post Base Double column square and Hanger etc), Stainless Steel Spring Nuts, Pipe Clamps/Strut Clamps/ Cable Clamps, Hex Nuts  and custom manufactured fasteners are just small example of the types of products we offer.We can also provide fasteners in a variety of materials and plating options. If an item you require is not on our shelf, tell us. We will stock it for your convenience and immediate delivery.

Our customer services and sales team are available 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday. So give us Call/Email on 01902-302421 / online@unimetal.co.uk or Order Online..!!